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3 Great Game Ideas for Mobile Apps

People do lots of important things on their smartphones like get directions, shop for deals, and make connections on social media sites. But they also spend lots of time just messing around and killing time. This is why game apps are so popular. Here are three ideas for game apps to get you thinking outside the box.

Play with Your Friends

In Japan for years they’ve had video games where your friends can play a part. You create an avatar for each of your good friends, and you can fight zombies or race stock cars together. The most popular games in Japan have always been simulation games and now they’re starting to get popular here.

For example, you can create a game like ‘Restaurant City’ where you open your own restaurant and hire your friends to work at it. You set the parameters (like how fast they can get an order out) and let the game run by itself. Customers come in, order, etc. You can then manage your friends or fire them if they don’t pull their weight.

‘Restaurant City’ is integrated with Facebook. The beauty is that it’s social media integration and marketing all wrapped up in one. You can take the restaurant idea and run with it, opening instead a bar, a library, a shopping mall, or something else.

Holiday Tie-Ins

For Father’s Day, an app game was released called ‘Fishing with Dad.’ As the name suggests, it’s a fishing game. Nothing too special about that. But what makes it really effective is that it’s timely. People are searching for Father’s Day apps at the App Store, and they find this one.

Holiday themed games are always great. It’s just a matter of sticking to schedule and getting the marketing out there well enough ahead of time. The great thing is that there’s a cycle to it, which means when the season is over, you can start developing the new version for next year.

You’re probably thinking of Christmas or Thanksgiving, but don’t stop with the major holidays. For example, you can create themed games based around seasons, birthdays, or other important times of the year.

Real-Life Games

Some of the best games are based on real-life situations. Instead of saving the world from aliens or finding a sacred chalice guarded by dragons, you’re fending off discount-crazed customers. That’s the premise of a game called ‘Scarlet Friday’ which simulates Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.

There are lots of places you could go with this. Take any everyday situation that lots of people face, add a few creative twists, and you’ve got the perfect smartphone game. Why on earth do people want to deal with everyday hassles on their smartphones as well as in real life? Nobody knows, but these games are extremely popular.

Brainstorming with App-O-Tron

Stuck for game ideas? Here’s an online tool that can help you brainstorm – App-O-Tron gives you game name suggestions when you hit the ‘Make me rich’ button. How about a round of Dream Trout Classic or Medieval Joyride Revenge?

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