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Advanced Email Marketing – How to Qualify Your Subscribers with a Newsletter

The difference between email marketing and newsletter is really just one of sophistication. Emails tend to be short and centered on one topic each. The goal is to provide a quick bit of information or lead subscribers to take some sort of action. A newsletter is much more detailed, usually with sections and ads. It’s more like a magazine with different features.

If you’re an email marketer, you can include newsletters in your email marketing and harness the power of both to further qualify your prospects and lead them to make higher-ticket purchases. Plus, you can offer ad space in your newsletters at a good price.

Your Email Marketing Sales Funnel

Email marketing follows the sales funnel model. You create a landing page with a free giveaway. All a visitor has to do to obtain the giveaway is fill in their name and email address.

Once a subscriber has joined the list, you further qualify them by making offers. If you keep track of your analytics, you can understand which prospects are buyers and which aren’t.

At this stage in the game, you can add a newsletter offer to your list. The newsletter offers much more content and it’s mixed. It may include features, guest writers, interviews, content curated from other sources, and so on. It will also include advertisements and higher-ticket offers.

The newsletter further qualifies prospects. Those who are interested in higher-ticket offers will sign up for the newsletter and you’ll have one more layer of qualification.

How to Make the Email to Newsletter Shift Work

If you offer your newsletter to your email subscribers, some of them may join. But there are some ways you can spice up the offer and add urgency to it.

For the best possible sales funnel qualification, you can offer the newsletter only to those who take your email offers. If someone buys what you’re selling through email, you’ve qualified them as a buyer. It only makes sense that you would then want to move them on to your newsletter, since you already know they’re willing to spend.

One idea is to limit newsletter sign-ups. Say that you’re only offering it for a limited time or two a limited number of subscribers. Those that are on the fence will sign up quickly because they’re afraid the window of opportunity may close.

You should always emphasize the exclusivity of the newsletter. Here, subscribers will be receiving offers they won’t get on the regular list. This is a good way to make those subscribers feel special, like they’re in on something nobody else is.

You can entice people to sign up by offering another freebie. This is what some marketers do. I personally don’t recommend this because while it gets you a higher number of sign-ups, these may not be as qualified as you think. They may sign up just for the freebie.

In fact, I’d recommend charging a small premium. They have to pay a small price to join the exclusive club. If done right, this will raise the newsletter’s perceived value in their eyes.

Newsletter Ad Dollars

Once you have a list of newsletter subscribers, you have a very valuable asset. You can sell advertising space in your newsletter to advertisers. You don’t just have a list like anyone else, but one that is already highly qualified, especially if you only offer the newsletter to buyers.

The only downside to this technique is that it means creating a great deal of content, but I’d argue that any online marketing campaign is going to require heaps of content anyway. You might as well maximize that content for the best results possible.

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