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Affiliate Marketing Basics – How to Motivate Your Affiliates

When you’re running an affiliate campaign, you need your affiliates to be out there selling. But sometimes they aren’t as active as you’d like them to be. They may sincerely want to sell your product but for a variety of reasons they’re not getting it done. This is when it’s time to light a little fire under their virtual bottoms and give them a bit of extra motivation.

Sales Bonuses

A good way to do this is through sales bonuses. Give them a bonus for making X number of sales. It’s fairly common practice for program managers to offer a bonus for the first sale. While this is a nice kick-off for the campaign, it’s often not very effective because affiliates will buy the product themselves to get the bonus!

One way around this is to offer a relatively small bonus for the first sale and a much bigger bonus for the second sale or a later sale. This way, they have to work a bit more to get the bonus and by the time they do, their campaign is in full swing.

Commission Boosts

A great way to motivate affiliates is to boost sales commissions. You can do this at regular intervals as part of the process of managing your campaign, or offer them during slow sales times. For example, if you have a slump in the summer, offer higher commissions for sales made during the slow season. This will entice them to sell.

Help Your Affiliates

If you provide plenty of help for your affiliates, this can help to motivate them. By providing marketing materials, for example, you take a big chunk of the work off of their back. By making it easier for them, they’re more likely to get motivated and start selling.

Providing plenty of support can also help. Some affiliates get stuck somewhere along the way and find it hard to get out of their rut. If you can pull them out, this will help with their flagging motivation.

Reach out to Super Affiliates

In most campaigns, there are a few affiliates who do most of the selling. If you can identify these ‘super affiliates’ early on and reach out to them, this can help them get motivated. Contact them asking for ways you can help or how things are going. Whether you offer help or just stay in touch, you’re building a strong relationship that will increase their motivation.

Keep in Touch

If you keep in touch with all of your affiliates through newsletters and social media, this can help keep them on target. Send them updates, promotions, news, deals and other helpful content. Just by staying on their radar, you can give them the boost they need to start selling. As much as possible, keep in touch with your affiliates personally as well.

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