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Amazon Customer Service – What Your Ecommerce Business Can Learn from Amazon

The American Customer Satisfaction Index gave Amazon the number one spot again in 2012 and it was for one simple reason – No matter how big the online retail giant gets, it always puts the focus on the customer. Amazon has a great deal of innovation and brand recognition, but its stellar customer service is what makes us all love it.

Putting Customers First

In the age of inhuman digital communication, Amazon puts customer service first. It makes each transaction as friendly, personal, quick and streamlined as possible. This is a smart move where even in the offline retail industry, customer service is generally lacking.

Amazon has a ‘Where’s My Stuff’ feature that shows you at any time where you’re purchases are. It tracks packages and sends constant progress updates. Many people have a great deal of anxiety about shopping online and the ecommerce retail giant knows this. It provides these updates to dispel this fear and reduce the risk to the consumer.

Finally, in an age where budget cuts usually mean less customer service, Amazon always puts the customer ahead of the profits. It sells items at a low profit margin and even gives stuff away for free. This is not to mention its return policy, which is incredibly generous. Amazon is willing to take a hit to stay on its customers’ good graces.

But that’s not all. Here are a few other things ecommerce businesses can learn from Amazon.

Personalize the Shopping Experience

When you visit Amazon, the site welcomes you back by name and offers a few items that you’re probably interested in. It uses algorithms based on what you’ve looked at and bought before to present you with suggestions. Surveys show that people absolutely love this. The more you personalize the online shopping experience, the happier your customers are.

Brand Like Crazy

One of Amazon’s most clever moves is calling itself the company with the smile on the box. Of all its other great achievements, it knows that this is the one thing that hits its customers right in the heart. There’s no better feeling than seeing that Amazon box on your door. This branding speaks to that giddy feeling you get when your package arrives.

Excellent Email Marketing

Amazon’s emails are like websites in themselves, full of all the same widgets and interactivity you expect from its site. It also sends out a variety of messages and not just promotions or offers. Of course, its email messages are fully customized for you.

Make It Easy

It’s ridiculously easy to buy from Amazon. The purchase process is intuitive and it takes only a few clicks. Amazon is always offering new features to make it even easier like its one-click purchasing.

You may never take over Amazon’s market share, but there are plenty of things small ecommerce businesses can learn from the online retail giant.

Bob Steele

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