Wednesday 01 January, 2014

Auto Awesome Movies by Google+ – Video Production Made Even Easier

These days you can make incredible videos with no talent for shooting and editing whatsoever. This is wonderful news for businesses that use or want to use video marketing to get exposure. Google+ has just made it even easier by introducing Auto Awesome Movies. As the name suggests, the movies are auto and quite awesome.

Auto Awesome is a collection of features that automatically edits photos. It makes panoramas, slideshows and combination photos, among other things like removing extra people from a shot. It’s pretty incredible stuff. It was introduced in 2013 and in October of that year, Google introduced Auto Awesome Movies, which brings the same awesomeness to your videos.

What Auto Awesome Can Do

The movie feature can do a whole range of things for your videos. It will automatically find the highlight of your video. If you have a video that’s a couple of minutes long, the tool will somehow find the most exciting part for you.

You can add effects and like the photos remove things you don’t want. You can add music and it will even sync up the action with the music. The tool also makes you a better video director by doing things like stabilizing shots, balancing colors and so on.

Although Auto Awesome is designed to do all of this automatically for you, you can also make manual changes. You can see the changes the tool has made in a timeline format so that you can fix anything you don’t like.

Auto Awesome Movies for Marketing

At the time of writing, this is a totally new feature, so marketers are still tinkering with it to see what it can do. But probably the best use of the tool is to engage people on your social media channels with your videos. The tool is on the Google+ platform, but your videos are sharable on Facebook and other social media sites.

Another great way you could use Auto Awesome Movies is to crowdsource content. Challenge your followers to make their own videos that tie in somehow to your brand or your products. Ask them to send them in and then you’ll share them on your page. You can run a contest and offer a reward, like a discount or freebie, to the person who makes the best video.

Plug and Play

Auto Awesome Movies is truly pretty remarkable. You can literally shoot what you want and then leave it up to the tool to edit. Most of the time, it works great to produce videos that are slick and engaging. If it doesn’t, you can easily fix them. It’s a major time saver.

I predict that Auto Awesome (both for photos and videos) is one of the things that are going to drive tons of people to join Google+. They’re offering it along with a whole bunch of other new features that are pretty exciting. People will sign up just to play around with Auto Awesome.


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