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Colorado School of Mines – How It Fuels Business on the Rocky Mountain Front Range

The Rocky Mountain Front Range of Colorado is known as a high-tech center. Many have gone so far as to compare it to Silicon Valley. One of the main reasons it’s a leader in innovative technologies is that it has the talent pool to fuel this innovation. There are a number of universities in the area that specialize in research and turn out graduates on the cutting edge. One such institution is the Colorado School of Mines in Golden.

Engineering and Applied Science

It sounds a bit behind the times – the School of Mines? But don’t let the name fool you. Colorado has always been rich in natural resources and it was an established mining center when the school was founded in the late 1800’s.

Today, Colorado School of Mines is a research institution geared toward engineering and the applied sciences. It has very high admission requirements and ranks high among universities and colleges in the United States. The 2013 edition of Best Colleges & University puts it at 77th place among all higher education institutions in the country.

Colorado School of Mines has 21 academic departments that are mostly related to high tech fields, although there are liberal arts and other programs offered. Academic departments include such high tech areas as Hydrologic Science, Geophysics, Metallurgic and Materials Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering.

Real Life Skills

Not all of its academics are geared toward science. The school’s Division of Business and Economics is where much of its entrepreneurial talent comes from. This department focuses on industry decision making and public policy, especially in regard to energy, natural resources, technology and the environment. It offers a multidisciplinary course of study that combines entrepreneurialism with a solid foundation in technology and applied science.

World Class Research

In addition to its degree programs, Colorado School of Mines benefits the state’s economy by conducting research that’s used to develop tomorrow’s technologies. Much of this research revolves around energy, and especially renewable energy. Two on-campus research institutions that work in this field are the Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center and the Unconventional Natural Gas Institute.

Colorado School of Mines isn’t the only area educational institution that’s supplying Denver companies with their educated workforce. In 2009, the School of Mines along with Metropolitan State College of Denver, the Community College of Denver, and the Cherry Creek School District formed an alliance called the Colorado Academy for the Development of STEM-related Careers (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math). The idea behind the alliance was to connect students to cutting edge technology and resources from kindergarten all the way to post-graduate level.

According to HometoDenver.com, Denver is the country’s most educated city and has the highest percentage of college graduates. Many of these graduates go on to provide Colorado companies with the technological know-how and innovative spirit they need. This is one of the reasons why Colorado is a great place to start a business.

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