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Ecommerce Websites – Why You Should Consider Facebook Login

Some ecommerce sites offer their customers a rather unique way to pay for goods. Rather than asking them to create an account for the site, they let customers login using their Facebook account. This makes it much easier for customers, most of whom already use the social media site. Still, few major retailers are doing this.

The Advantages of Facebook Login

The main advantage of Facebook login is that it streamlines the process. For people shopping on mobile devices where they may be automatically logged in to Facebook, it takes just a click. When ecommerce sites require their customers to create an account before making a purchase this leads to a high cart abandonment rate. It’s one more thing your customers have to do before they can make a purchase. Facebook login makes it easier.

A huge advantage of Facebook login for ecommerce sites is that it allows you to connect with your customers on the social media site. This gives you access to their personal data such as likes and interests. You can use this data to market more effectively to them. Like email, it’s also personal. A user may feel a more personal connection with your brand when they’ve made a purchase using Facebook rather than through your website only.

Things to Consider

But it’s not a given that providing a Facebook login will increase your sales. In fact, it can go either way depending on several factors. One is the demographic of your customers. Younger people tend to use Facebook more than older people. Older customers may be more distrustful of using it or may not want to share their purchases with friends.

Although it makes the process easier than requiring a login to your site, it still makes the process harder than if you required no login at all. Many sites preempt the login entirely. Instead of requiring a login, they let the customer make a purchase once they’ve provided their personal and payment information.

Another problem is that if you offer accounts for your site as well as Facebook login, this creates a mess for your web designer. From the design standpoint, it’s much easier to have one login or no login at all.

A/B Testing

If you look around online, you’ll find some marketers saying good things about Facebook login while others are telling you not to do it. The truth is that it depends on too many factors. It’s not simply a matter of black and white. For this reason, the best way to find out whether it’s right for your website, your customers and your market is to test. Create two versions and see which gives you higher conversions. Rely on this data for making your decision.




Bob Steele

Bob Steele

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