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Get More Exposure Online – How to Reach out to Influential Bloggers and Get Them to Write about You

A great way to get more brand exposure online is to reach out to an influential blogger and get them talking about you. This creates a buzz and brings more prospects your way. It’s the best kind of exposure you could hope for because it’s someone else talking about you. The blogger’s word leads their readers to trust you.

Offer to Help

The trick is how to get that influencer to talk about you. The best way to do this is to offer some kind of help to them. It’s not likely that they’re going to write about you if you simply ask them to. Some people try to pay off bloggers and this approach is rarely successful. But if you simply offer to do something nice for a person, they’re more likely to return the favor in a way that’s genuine. Ask yourself what kind of value you can offer.

Build Relationships

If you can build a natural relationship with influencers, they’re likely to talk about you. Connect with influencers everywhere possible. A good place to start is social media. Read and follow their blog, and comment on it when appropriate. Join their community of bloggers and take advantage of any chance you have to get to know them personally.

Do an Interview

A great way to both build a relationship and do a favor is to interview the blogger. Find a popular blogger in your niche and ask if you can interview them. Feature this interview on your website or blog. Bloggers are usually happy to do this because it gets them exposure. It’s likely that they’ll then want to return the favor.

Sneak Peek

You can entice a blogger to write about you by offering them free samples or a sneak peek at your new product. If you have a product launch coming, give them an exclusive free sample as part of your press blitz. You’ll not only get some pre-launch promotion out of it, but also some valuable feedback on how to make your product better.

Create a Contest

Get creative and make a contest as a way to engage well-known bloggers. For example, challenge them to take a picture with your product based on a certain theme. You can reward the best picture with a prize or ask your readers to vote on their favorite. This is another type of cross-promotion where you promote them and they promote you.

Finding Influential Blogs

Look for blogs where your target audience is the main readership. These blogs should have good SEO and come up in search engines when you search for particular keywords. Most of all, look for blogs that have a great deal of engagement. This is how you know that they’re influential. Engagement means that they get lots of comments and shares. This shows that they have a large, active readership.

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