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Google+ Hangouts for Press Conferences

Hangouts is without a doubt the coolest feature of Google+. You can use it for virtually anything. Google Hangouts is a feature that lets you record or stream a video online. A feature called Google Hangouts on Air lets you broadcast your video directly on the internet. In addition to providing a perfect tool for making marketing videos, holding virtual meetings, and other content, this feature makes Google Hangouts ideal for holding press conferences.

Press Conference Minus Headaches

If you’ve ever organized a press conference before, you know that it’s a serious undertaking. Aside from location and schedule difficulties, it’s hard to get journalists and other participants to your press conference. Google Hangouts on Air removes all of the headaches for you. You can schedule your conference, invite participants, and broadcast it from your home or office.

Worldwide Reach

One of the downsides of Hangouts is that you can only invite 9 people (for a total of 10 participants). That’s a pretty tiny press conference. But a major advantage is that you can broadcast your press conference worldwide. You have wider reach than even a televised press conference would have.

Hangouts on Air lets you stream directly on YouTube, your Google+ profile, your website or any other site. Your audience members don’t even need to have Google+ accounts in order to enjoy your press conferences. They can also be recorded and downloaded at any time.

The Democratization of Press Conferences

In the past, press conferences were only accessible to journalists. If you wanted to hold your own press conference, the costs were prohibitive. This meant it was only available to the elites. One of the advantages of using Google Hangouts is that it democratizes the press conference. Now bloggers, marketers, and absolutely anybody else can hold a press conference.

Tech Challenges

There’s one other small hurdle – the tech side of things. This can seem daunting if you’ve never done video before. But compared to just about anything else you do with video, Google Hangouts are incredibly easy to use.

The key is to do a test run before your actual Hangout to make sure things work the way you expect them to. There will be little glitches or difficulties along the way, and one good test run will help you work them out.

Hangouts Is Huge

Google+ is a relatively recent social media site and it’s not catching on nearly as quickly as Facebook or Twitter did. But Hangouts may just be the one feature that puts it on the social media map. Companies, organization and public figures from the International Tibet Network, which held the first press conference on Google+ in 2011, to President Obama have used Hangouts to connect to their audience. It’s an easy and effective alternative to the traditional press conference.

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