Friday 27 December, 2013

Google Helpouts – Get Expert Help Right Now for Your Problems

After much anticipation, Google has finally launched its Helpouts in November 2013. Google Helpouts offers live one-on-one video chats with experts for problems that no amount of web searching can solve for you.

It’s like Hangouts except that you have to pay. Or another way to put it is that it’s Hangouts mixed with Google Wallet (that’s how you pay). You can browse experts by topic and check their credentials. Many of the brands you already know offer expert help like Home Depot and Rosetta Stone.

What kind of help can you get? Virtually anything under the sun. At the time of Helpouts’ launch, Google invited around 1,000 providers in a wide range of industries. You can learn how to play guitar, how to cook, how to speak a foreign language, home repair tips, yoga tips, and so on. There’s even marriage counseling and healthcare. The only thing missing is adult services, which aren’t permitted on Google Helpouts.

You can not only chat in real-time with experts but also share your screen in case there is something hands-on that you need.

Making Money with Google Helpouts

For people who need help, Google Helpouts is a good way to get in touch with an expert. But it’s also a good way for experts to earn some money. As Google adds more experts to its stable, it’s offering a real opportunity for freelancers and savvy internet marketers.

Originally, Google Helpouts was by invite only. But now you can contact Google through its Helpouts page and apply for a spot. Just don’t expect to be added immediately. Google conducts thorough checks on your background and credentials. They don’t want their new service to get clogged up with wannabe experts and phony gurus.

If you’re an online entrepreneur or internet marketer, you can offer expertise on building websites, setting up ecommerce stores, ranking high in the search engine results pages, creating content and anything else you know how to do online.

If you’re a niche marketer, you can take the same thing you do with your text content and YouTube videos and offer the same kind of help. Experts are searchable through the site. Although they don’t appear in regular search engine results, many predict they eventually will.

Payment for Google Helpouts can be by task, by minute or by longer set of time. Depending on the nature of the help, a Helpout can last anywhere from a few minutes to a stretch of hours. You can set your own pricing based on what you think your help is worth. There is a great deal of flexibility.

The Information You Need When You Need It

Offering Helpouts isn’t a bold step at all when you consider that Google has always been about helping people find information. There are some things you just can’t learn from a YouTube video, so this feature fills in the gaps. If you can’t learn on YouTube, you can pay for a Helpout.

There are also other services popping up. It may be hard to get your expert status recognized by Google for its video chat help service, but there are others where you can also offer your expertise.

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