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Google’s AdWords Enhanced Campaigns – More Effective Online Advertising?

If you have a Google AdWords campaign, your dashboard has probably been bombarded with notices for the last few months asking you kindly to switch over to its Enhanced Campaigns. Finally the time has come and Google is no longer asking. AdWords Enhanced Campaigns is now mandatory and if you don’t make the change yourself, Google will do it for you.

The deadline for mandatory transition was July 22nd, but that day came and went. Google ended up saying the rollout would take several weeks in order to work out the kinks.

Does It Enhance Campaigns?

Of course, the jury is still out on whether or not Enhanced Campaigns actually enhances campaigns. A report by Adobe which studied a hundred advertisers found that it increased their CPC by 6 percent using the new system. But other studies say other things and there’s quite a bit of discrepancies. Many studies say that there is no evidence that Enhanced Campaigns had an impact on clicks.

In an official statement to Search Engine Watch, a Google spokesperson said, ‘There have been many speculative reports, but it’s far too early for any of them to be reliable. Advertisers will choose their bids and adjust their spend based on the value they see in their campaign.’

There may not be evidence of results yet, but all sources expect to see CPCs rise in the future once Enhanced Campaigns is fully implemented.

What Makes Enhanced Campaigns Different

Advertisers complain because change is always a pain and this change is mandatory, but Enhanced Campaigns offers several handy features that make our lives easier. One is the bid adjustment calculator. This feature shows you what the bid will be when using multiple bid settings. You can also adjust it for mobile, day, time of day or location.

Probably the best thing about Enhanced Campaigns is that it allows you to target multiple locations with one campaign. You no longer need to set up a campaign for each location. Its enhanced reporting tools show you what location target triggered a particular ad and where the user was when they saw it.

Enhanced Campaigns gives you control over the copy of your sitelink ads. You can add your own description that will be displayed on the ad. It also offers advanced reporting on sitelinks.

The Downside of Enhanced Campaigns

So far, there’s one major downside that’s been identified by a number of advertisers. That downside is that you have less control over device targeting. Enhanced Campaigns is touted as a better method for a multi-device ‘constantly connected world,’ which means that ads are displayed on all types of devices. It sounds great on paper, but for advertisers it means you can’t target just tablets or smartphones anymore. Although it should be noted that device targeting isn’t considered particularly effective anyway.

There is a great deal of grumbling about advertisers but mandatory changes are never popular. Hopefully we can trust that Google knows what it’s doing and its AdWords Enhanced Campaigns will earn us all more money.

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