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How to Choose an Email Marketing Service

It’s much easier to sell to the same people over and over again than to always search for new customers. That’s the logic behind email marketing, where you build a list of subscribers and send them offers and deals through email. This is a much better way to sell than trying to drive traffic through SEO.

What enables you to market to your subscribers’ emails is an email marketing service. Popular services are Aweber, MailChimp and GetResponse. They all work in basically the same way, managing your list, sending your broadcast messages and reporting results.

Choosing an email marketing service is a big decision so here are some tips to help you choose.

Your List’s Goals

Start by deciding exactly what you’re going to do with your list. What are your long-term goals? This is important because different services have different features. If you’re using your list to notify your followers about events, MailChimp is a good choice because it’s integrated with Eventbrite. If selling directly through your list is your main objective, Benchmark Email is good because it offers coupon features.

Deciding on a goal also lets you choose based on reporting features. Each email marketing service gives you different data on your campaign. This data tells you whether you’re reaching your goal or not.

Check out Billing

Make sure you understand how billing works and that it suits your needs. Every provider is different. There is usually a monthly fee that’s adjusted for the number of contacts. The more contacts you have, the higher your monthly fee will be.

They also have different billing cycles. Some aren’t monthly but charge you several times each year.

Email Options

Email marketing service providers offer a variety of email message options. Take a look at the email templates they offer. Some are more tailored to professional lists, for example, for B2B companies. Some allow integration with your CRM or allow full customization of email messages. Decide beforehand how much flexibility you want in your email design and find a provider that can deliver.

Social Media Integration

If you’re integrating your email messages with social media, this is something else to check out. You can include social media links within your other messages and some providers offer other features. Find out what your provider offers before you sign up.

EMS Provider Necessities

Here are a few things to make sure of before you sign up for an email marketing service provider:

*  The provider shouldn’t make you share your IP address with others. Some providers do this and the problem is that if someone else with your IP address is blacklisted for spamming, you will be too.

*  The provider allows you to send an unlimited number of emails and all features are covered in the standard fee. Watch out for extras that you’ll be charged for.

*  The provider complies with the CAN-SPAM Act, a piece of legislation that prevents email spam. Among other things, every email should have an unsubscribe link.

*  You can preview each email on a number of different platforms before sending. The provider should be able to support any platform or device your customers are using.

*  The provider has good customer service and training materials.

Bob Steele

Bob Steele

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