Tuesday 22 October, 2013

How to Find Your Twitter Audience

You keep hearing about how everyone is on Twitter these days. But if you’re just getting started with the most hyperactive of social media sites, you may have trouble finding your customers and connecting to them.

Twitter is touted as the easiest social media site to use, but this is misleading. It’s quick and easy to communicate, but not always so easy to find your people there. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to help you connect.

Advanced Search for Keywords

Pick a few keywords related to your business (as well as your business’s name) and enter them into Twitter’s advanced search. Include hashtags. A hashtag is the # symbol. It comes at the front of the word. If anyone has used that keyword in a tweet, it will appear in the search results. Examples of hashtags would be #iphone, #dogtrainingtips and #howdoigetstainsoutofcarpet.

Other Search Tools

Twitter’s built-in search function is fairly limited, so you might instead invest in a better search tool. You can use this down the road to find relevant conversations and do other things. A few helpful tools include Social Bro, FollowerWonk and Hootsuite Dreams. They allow you to search by more parameters than the usual Twitter search does.

Who Shares Your Content?

You can use Twitter’s built-in search to see who is sharing your content. Put the URL of your website and its pages into Twitter’s search engine. You’ll see anyone who has linked back to your site. Follow up with these people because they’re likely to be your biggest supporters.

Who Follows Who?

You can find out who follows the people you follow. Take some content shared by someone you follow, copy and paste it into the search field, and you’ll see who retweeted it. These are people interested in who you’re interested in, so they’re likely to follow you as well. In fact, you can respond to their retweet and start a conversation with them.

Searching Off Twitter

You can search for your people on Twitter using Google or another search engine as well. In Google, do a keyword search for something related to your business. Include in the search ‘site:twitter.com.’ This will bring back only sites that have this link, which means that they have a Twitter profile. You can then connect with them on Twitter. If you’re an offline business or you have a brick and mortar location, you can add your location to your search to find people near you.

Tell Everyone

Make sure that everywhere you are both online and off, you tell everyone about your Twitter profile. This is the surest way to find your followers on Twitter. Add an incentive for connecting with you and they’ll be even more likely to do so.

Bob Steele

Bob Steele

Bob Steele is an entrepreneur, software developer, marketer, and author living in the Denver metropolitan area. He’s an avid outdoorsman who loves skiing, hiking, fishing, boating, and just plain having fun. His interests include games, space, technology, physics, cooking (well eating actually), economics, business, internationalism, and team sports. With over thirty years of professional consulting experience, Bob has been exposed to many diverse business models and has gained a sensible approach to life. Bob’s company, WaveCentric is focused on commerce, marketing, and entertainment related products.

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