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LinkedIn Sponsored Updates – Widen Your Audience on LinkedIn

The professional social media site LinkedIn has a new type of ad that can help you get your Company Page seen. Released in July 2013, LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates is a new type of ad that lets you promote your Company Page and gain a wider audience. It’s exciting because it allows you to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Why Sponsored Updates Are Wonderful for Businesses

LinkedIn has taken a page straight out of Facebook and Twitter’s playbook. Facebook has its Sponsored Stories and Twitter has its Promoted Tweets. LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates work along similar lines.

What’s really wonderful about the new feature is that it allows you to deliver content beyond your news feed. Your post will be seen even by those who don’t follow you. You designate a target audience based on professional profile data and LinkedIn shows your post in the feed of all who qualify.

LinkedIn already has its regular ad network but there’s a major difference here. With the old network, your ads appear on the side of the page as text only. Like Google’s AdWords text advertisements, these are easily ignored. But Sponsored Updates puts the ad directly in the user’s news feed, where they’re already engaged and scanning for information.

How to Post a Sponsored Update

It’s extremely easy to post a Sponsored Update. On your Company Page, open any existing post and click the button near the bottom that says Sponsor Update. A pop-up will appear where you can select the campaign, choose bidding options, and specify for what target data the Sponsored Update will appear. Then, you’re done.

You can also create a new campaign for Sponsored Updates. Start with the ads manager and create a new campaign, bidding preferences and targeting, and then you’re ready to make your post.

Like other ad programs, Sponsored Updates are based on a CPM or CPC basis depending on the campaign settings. You can set the budget and decide how long you’d like the campaign to run.

Sponsored Updates Takes off

Representatives from LinkedIn publicly announced that users won’t be swamped with Sponsored Updates clogging up their news feed. The system is designed to offer an appropriate balance between real posts and ads. We can be pretty sure LinkedIn will strike a good balance because it would hurt their business if our news feeds all became too ad heavy.

Sponsored Updates was released as a beta version at the beginning of July and by the end of the month it was available for all Company Pages. Although new and not widely used yet, it’s expected to be extremely profitable for businesses on LinkedIn.

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