Friday 10 January, 2014

Old Content out of New – 4 Ideas for Reusing Old Content

It’s hard to constantly come up with new content. The good news for content marketers is that you don’t really have to. You can brush up old content or reformat it and create content that’s just as relevant today as it was when you first published it.

Updating Old Content

One way to do this is to simply update an old blog post. Take something you wrote last year about recent changes in SEO and update it. Find out what’s going on right now and add this to the article, while taking out stuff that’s no longer relevant. You can even publish it as an update, using the same title and basic format.

Add Tips

If you have old informational articles lying around from the past, update them with some tips. For example, if you have an article explaining the basics of how phishing scams work, pare down the article a little and add some helpful tips your readers can use to keep themselves safe from phishing scams.

You can go the opposite direction as well. Take a tips based article and augment it with more background on the topic of the tips. If you have an article on mind mapping tips, for example, spice it up with some of the basics of where the idea of mind mapping came from.

Change Formats

You can always take old content and make it new again by changing the format. Take blog posts and articles and turn them into videos, podcasts or slideshow presentations. Turn old multimedia content into articles by typing them out (or better yet, using a voice transcription software program). You can take old articles and use them as talking points for videos, audios or interviews. Any type of content can be cut up and made into social media posts.

The Good Old Fashioned Rewrite

Finally, there’s the good old fashioned rewrite. Take articles you wrote before and rewrite them line by line so that they’re totally original. Although the basics are the same, the search engines see this as new content.

However, your readers may see these rewritten articles as just more of the same. To make them really good, try taking a different angle than you used before. Focus on tailoring it to a certain segment of your market. If you have weight loss articles on how to stretch effectively, rewrite it so that it’s for new moms, lazy college students or relatively inactive seniors.

There are all kinds of ways you can take a different angle. One of my favorites is to turn the positive negative. Instead of tips to help your readers do something, give them common mistakes by simply turning each tip backwards.

You should always keep your old content around because you can brush it up and use it again.



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