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Photo Sharing Apps and What You Can Do with Them

Some of the most popular smartphone apps on the market are photo sharing apps. These are apps that let you take pictures and do all kinds of cool things with them. The ‘sharing’ refers to your ability to instantly broadcast them to your friends on social media sites. Why are these apps all the rage? Because they’re just plain fun.

Pretty much any business can use photo sharing apps if you’ve got a little bit of creativity. And since they’re so hot right now, this is a great idea if you’re considering developing your own app.

Sharing Is Caring

Social media integration is one of the main reasons why smartphone photo sharing apps are popular. With the click of a button, the picture you just took goes out to all of your friends. Aside from the ability to share on Facebook, another idea is to combine the phone’s GPS capabilities with photo sharing.

One idea is to create an app that detects pictures that have been taken by friends wherever you are. This would be great for sightseeing. If you visit the Grand Canyon, for example, you can use the app to see all of your friends’ Grand Canyon pictures.

Themed Photo Apps

There are some themed photo apps that focus on funny pictures. You can create your own themed photo app based around topics that are interesting to your target market, such as pets, tools, cars, musical instruments, or virtually anything else. This is a great way to engage your customers by getting them enjoying their common interests together.

Special Effects

 Some successful photo apps have been made out of one simple photographic effect. For example, there’s Tiltshift, an app that highlights one single photographic technique that makes one area of the shot clear while the rest is blurred. Tiltshift is one of the top photo sharing apps along with giants like Instagram and Flickr. There are lots of other photo effects you can choose like overexposure or negative images.

Your Face Here

Some photo apps such as OldBooth take your face and put it somewhere funny. You can use them to liven up your profile pictures and give yourself an afro, make yourself a weightlifter, or put your face on an old west ‘wanted’ poster. People love apps like this because they’re silly and fun. Lots of them offer other effects that you can use as well.

Mix It Up

You could take the standard photo sharing app and combine it with something else people like to do on their phones. An app called Posterous does this by combining photos with microblogging and it’s hugely popular. Just think about what your customers might like to do with their pictures and put it together in one app.

Why Instagram Is the Most Popular

Right now, Instagram is the most popular photo sharing app. It’s so popular because its filters are simply the best. Other apps use the same filters but Instagram has carved out its niche by offering the best. That’s the edge that it has. Your app needs an edge as well to set it apart from all the others.

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