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Pinterest Tips – Connecting with Influencers

Pinterest is one of the world’s hottest social media sites right now. It’s a visually oriented site where users share images with each other on pinboards. It’s great for niches that are visual but also for any company that wants a creative way to show off their products.

Influence Marketing on Pinterest

Influence marketing is an effective way to leverage Pinterest. Influencer marketing means identifying influencers on a given site and using them to help you promote your brand.

An influencer is a user that has an above-average impact on others. This is an individual who is well-connected and considered ‘in the know.’ They have many followers who are actively engaged in their posts and activities. The idea behind influencer marketing is that people are more likely to listen to their friends talk about brands than the brands themselves.

The purpose of influencer marketing is to connect with influencers and engage with them. Ideally, you want them to share your content and tell others about you, but you shouldn’t approach them with this mindset. They probably get lots of offers from marketers to share their content. Try to make a connection with them and make it genuine.

The Demographics of Pinterest Influencers

A Pinterest influencer could be a person of any type at all, and it may vary depending on your niche. But according to an infographic posted on Hello Society, a majority of influencers are women. About half of them are in their late 20s or early 30s. A bit over half are educated and the vast majority live on the east or west coast of the United States.

Finding Influencers

There are several ways to identify influencers. First of all, anyone whose posts get a large number of comments and re-pins is definitely an influencer. But you can’t always spot them with the naked eye. You can search for influencers either within your own category or that follow you.

Searching within Your Category

For each Pinterest category, you can perform a simple search to find the most popular pinners. It will give you a list and from the list, you can connect with them. This list also tells you whatever other profile information they’ve shared, like their profiles on Twitter or Facebook. It’s good to follow them on other social media sites as well.

It’s good to follow an influencer for a while before you contact them so that you understand what they’re all about. You can then reach out to them directly, pitching them an idea for a collaborative pinboard or other project.

You’re Most Influential Followers

You can also find your most influential followers on your dashboard. The Pinterest dashboard offers this data. For these influencers also, connect with them everywhere you can. Thank them for sharing your content and offer them a collaborative project or some other way they can get involved. The advantage here is that they’re fans already.

No Payola

Don’t offer influencers money to tell others about you. Pinterest is very strict about this. It changed its policies in March 2014 to crack down on what it felt were inauthentic connections being made. Make your influencer connections natural and build a relationship with them.

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