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SEO Secrets – Long Tail Keywords Explained

A keyword strategy that is widely used in recent years is to choose long tail keywords. After over a decade of internet marketing, regular keywords are extremely picked over. If you target a regular keyword, you’re going to face a great deal of competition. Long tail keywords are a creative way out of this problem.

What Is the Long Tail?

A long tail keyword is actually a phrase. It can be a sentence fragment or even an entire sentence. Although these keywords are not as picked over as simpler phrases, they have a very high volume of searches. That’s why their ideal for an SEO strategy. Also, since there isn’t high competition for these keywords, they’re cheap if you’re taking out ads on an ad network.

How to Come up with Long Tail Keywords

It’s easy to find good long tail keywords. Start by looking at the core keywords of the products or services you offer. Look for ways you can expand these keywords, or turn them into questions or phrases.

For example, if you have a keyword like ‘cleaning service,’ try phrases, sentences and questions related to cleaning, such as ‘how to get wine stains out of carpet,’ or ‘best bedroom closet cleaning tips.’

Brainstorm a big list of phrases like this that focus on customer problems or questions. Take this list and run it through a keyword search tool. Narrow it down to those that have the highest keyword search volume.

The keyword search tool will also give you suggestions for other high-volume search terms. Taking the cleaning tips idea above, you might have something like ‘cleaning a bathroom’ on your list, but the search tool might offer you something like ‘how to clean bathroom walls,’ which has more searches. Note: I didn’t actually check these keywords. It’s just an example.

An Outside the Box Keyword Strategy

Since we’re talking about long tail keywords, which are kind of an outside-the-box idea for keywords, here’s another unique strategy that you can try.

We always try to target high volume search terms. Common sense tells you that these are going to bring the most traffic to your site. But this traffic isn’t always the right traffic. You could end up with a great deal of traffic but nobody sticks around long on your site.

Another strategy is to go for highly specific terms that are targeted directly at your market. Even though these may not be high search volume terms, anyone searching for them in Google is the exact right customer for you.

For example, let’s say that your ecommerce store sells commemorative bells. I didn’t check, but ‘where to buy commemorative bells’ is probably not a hot search term with a ton of traffic. But anyone who does search that term is your perfect customer. Plus, since there is probably no one out there targeting this keyword, you can own it.

Making Long Tail Keywords Work for You

For an SEO marketer, long tail keywords offer a whole universe of alternative keyword ideas that aren’t picked over. Try to at least work some of these search terms into your SEO strategy.

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