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SEO Tricks – Clever Ways to Find Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are those that are phrases or short sentences, rather than just a word or handful of words. They’re all the rage in the SEO world today because simple keywords are picked over. With long tail keywords, you have less competition and you get more targeted searches. Here are some clever SEO tricks for finding long tail keywords to boost your traffic.

Add Geographic Terms

One simple way to turn a regular keyword into a long tail one is to add your location. Rather than ‘plumber,’ try making your keyword ‘plumber in northern Minnesota.’ If you’re an offline business, this is a good way to attract local traffic. Even online businesses with no location, however, can use this to their advantage. Just add geographic terms for areas where your target market lives.

Google’s Free Tools

You don’t have to invest in any fancy tools to find long tail keywords. Just use the search engine king itself, Google. If you can visit, you can take advantage of two excellent tools offered there.

Google offers Google Suggest and Related Keywords to help you find better terms. Suggest is the auto-suggest that appears when you enter a simple keyword. These terms are based on those people have actually searched for. Related Search shows related keywords at the bottom of the search page. These related searches often include popular long tail keywords.

Your Customer’s Questions

When people are looking for answers to specific questions, they’ll often simply type in the whole question. If you want to know where to find vintage collectibles, you’re more likely to type ‘where do I find antique collectibles’ in Google than just ‘vintage collectibles.’ Try to anticipate the specific questions your target market would have.

Qualify Your Terms

Take each of your search terms and qualify it by adding extra information. If you’re selling shoes for example, get more specific by adding sizes, colors, styles, price ranges, and whatever other information you can think of.

Check out Your Competitors

You can ‘borrow’ your competitors’ long tail keywords, or rephrase them to make phrases that are different but mean the same thing. There are tools that analyze site keywords, but you can often tell what they’re targeting by just checking out their site. Pay especially close attention to phrases repeated often, phrases used in titles, phrases used in meta data and snippets, and so on. If something appears prominently in these places, it’s probably a good keyword idea.

Free Tools

There are also plenty of free tools to help you think of more long tail keyword ideas, as well as premium tools you can pay for. But try the above methods, which are much simpler, and see if you can find something with high search volume and low competition.

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