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Should You Outsource Forum Posting or Blog Commenting?

If you’re an online entrepreneur, forums offer an excellent opportunity to brand yourself, build connections and drive traffic to your website. An online forum is a place where people get together and share their common interests. You can join communities like these that are related to your niche and become a regular contributor.

In order to make forum posting work, you need to visit the forum and interact often. It’s best to do so daily if you can. But this adds to your already long list of things to do. For this reason, many online marketers choose to outsource their forum posting.

The Benefit of Outsourcing Forum Posting

The obvious benefit is that it gets rid of this daily task. You can devote your time to other things. Although joining forums can be fun, it can also become a bit of drudgery with passing time. After all, you have to not only be there but also interact. This means you need to start threads, respond to comments and so on, which takes mental energy to do. When you outsource, somebody else takes care of it.

The Drawbacks of Outsourcing

Outsourcing gets rid of this daily task, but there are many reasons why you might want to think twice about doing it. First and foremost, most forums strictly forbid this practice. You’re supposed to actually be who you say you are. If they find out that somebody else is posting in the forum for you, they may ban you.

Another problem is that you don’t know what the person is posting there. They may be doing it all wrong, trying to promote your products or services rather than be helpful and friendly. They may be making people on the forum angry or saying inappropriate things. People may contact you referring to things that were said on the forum and you don’t know what you said – because it wasn’t you!

How to Outsource Forum Posting

In my opinion, forum posting is something that shouldn’t be outsourced at all. You need to be real with the people you meet on forums. That small chunk of time you spend on the forum each day is well worth the reputation you build for yourself.

But if you choose to outsource, here are some guidelines I’d consider:

*  Hire a writer who has done forum posting before, preferably on someone else’s behalf

*  Instruct the writer carefully on what kinds of things they should post or shouldn’t post. Let them get to know you so that they can use your voice.

*  If you’re a native speaker of English hire a writer who is as well. A grammar slip-up could give you away.

*  Realize that what you’re doing goes against the forum’s TOS (probably) and you’re risking your participation in that forum.

*  Regularly monitor what they post so that you know what ‘you’ are saying online.

Bob Steele

Bob Steele

Bob Steele is an entrepreneur, software developer, marketer, and author living in the Denver metropolitan area. He’s an avid outdoorsman who loves skiing, hiking, fishing, boating, and just plain having fun. His interests include games, space, technology, physics, cooking (well eating actually), economics, business, internationalism, and team sports. With over thirty years of professional consulting experience, Bob has been exposed to many diverse business models and has gained a sensible approach to life. Bob’s company, WaveCentric is focused on commerce, marketing, and entertainment related products.

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