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Social Media Branding – 5 Ways to Get Your Fans Engaged with Images

The greatest way to create a buzz around your business is through brand engagement. This means getting people directly involved in your brand. With all of the online options we have today, it’s not hard at all to do this. People love to participate directly in their favorite brands and they’re especially active on social media doing just that.

Image Contests

A great way to get your fans engaged on social media is to create a photo content. You can do this by giving your fans a challenge and asking them to send in their own photos, which you’ll then publish on your official site or social media account. This is especially effective on visually oriented social media like Pinterest or Instagram, but works well on any social media site whatsoever.

This works well because people love to see their images published by the brands they love. For you, it’s a way to get content easily by essentially outsourcing it to your fans. Best of all, it gets them engaged.

The concept is simple, but there are many ways you can go with it. Here are a few ideas on holding an image content for your followers.

Using Your Product

One of the most popular contest ideas is to ask your fans to take pictures of your products in use. Ask them to take a picture using your product or show how they use it. Even better, give them a challenge. Ask them to take a picture using your product in a creative way. Or have them take snapshots of your product in unexpected places.

Create a Product

Another idea is to ask your fans to create their own original product. They can create a product that tackles a common problem in your niche. They don’t have to actually create a working prototype. The idea is for it to be lighthearted and fun. Otherwise, you won’t have many takers. This works especially well with recipes.

Capture a Moment

Ask your followers to capture a certain moment that’s related somehow to your brand. It could be a summertime moment, a beautiful moment, a happy moment, an unexpected moment, a cute moment, etc. Think of the types of images that go viral on social media. Relevance is the key. You have to tie it in to your brand somehow. For example, if you sell ski gear, make it a fun winter moment.

Caption Contest

One fun idea is to offer a caption contest. Either create an image for your fans or ask them to find an image. Attach word balloons and have them fill in the word balloons with funny text. The funniest one wins a prize. One advantage of this is that your fans don’t have to actually take the picture themselves.

And the Winner Is…

With all of the above contest ideas, choose the best one and feature it, giving a prize to the winner. Of course, you can show them all and offer a variety of prizes for the top winners. Even better, publish all of the images on your social media site and ask your fans to vote for the best. This is democratic and it also gets everybody engaged.

Bob Steele

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