Friday 13 June, 2014

Twitter’s Targeted Tweets

There’s something new and cool for brands to use on Twitter. It’s a feature called ‘targeted tweets.’ This feature allows you to choose a particular segment of your followers to receive your message. In other words, let’s say you want to send a message to people in New York only. Targeted tweets allow you to do that. It helps you cut down on tweets that are irrelevant to certain followers.

You can segment your followers by location, device or platform. This means that aside from certain geographic areas, you can limit them to mobile devices only or something as specific as the Android platform.

This is especially useful for global brands. You can send out the same tweet to all of your followers all over the world, but schedule it differently for different areas to make up for time differences. This helps you make sure all of your followers see it no matter where they are.

The end result is that you get to create a more customized experience for your Twitter followers. When people get irrelevant messages from someone they follow, especially if there are many, this can be a huge turn-off. It hurts engagement because they can start ignoring further messages.

One of the biggest advantages of targeted tweets is that you can send a message to mobile users only. For example, you have a mobile coupon you want to offer people with smartphones. Maybe you’re a mobile developer who is running a promotion. When you target this tweet, you won’t send it to PC users.

With the targeted tweets model, you only pay when followers engage with the message. If you get no response, you don’t pay anything. You’re rewarded for messages that your audience likes and responds to, and there’s no wasted revenue on tweets that don’t engage.

Before releasing targeted tweets, Twitter tested the feature with a few major brands to see if it gets results. The tests show that it increases response rate dramatically. According to one study, response rate increased by nearly half when tweets were targeted.

Before, there was no way to send messages to only certain followers. There was a promoted tweets feature, but it was different. You had to first send out the tweet to all of your followers, and only afterward could you target specific ones. The targeted tweets feature improves on promoted tweets and also offers more options for segmenting.

Twitter is making lots of changes in recent years, updating its service to make it more business friendly. It’s been expanding mobile capabilities, where a growing amount of its revenue lies, and offering features like expanded tweets and tailored trends. It’ll be interesting to see what new features the social media service offers in the coming years.

Targeted tweets were launched in July 2012.

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