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Uptown Denver for Businesses

Uptown is the eastern part of downtown Denver north of Colfax from Capitol Hill. Although some consider it part of downtown and some consider it part of Capitol Hill, it’s actually its own neighborhood with a distinct character that’s neither. Uptown is the area east of Broadway, north of Colfax, south of 23rd and west of York and City Park. It’s a good place to be downtown without really being downtown.

A Hip Hood

According to Sunset Magazine, Uptown is ‘one of Denver’s hippest ‘hoods, with lively new restaurants, chic shops and a cheery, progressive vibe.’ Uptown is Denver’s oldest residential neighborhood, full of new condos set alongside old brick houses and Victorian mansions. It’s a funky mix of small retail shops, restaurants, drinking establishments and bed and breakfasts.

Many of Uptown’s old single family homes have been torn down or turned into apartments and replaced by upscale condominiums. The demographic is similar to Capitol Hill and Five Points. It’s a diverse mix of people with a high proportion of young professional couples.

Uptown Denver for Businesses

Uptown has a great variety when it comes to both residential and commercial properties. Whatever the needs of your company, it’s not hard to find something that will work. It also has a great deal of variety in prices. In general, you’ll find Uptown rents to be lower than those of downtown and other central areas. But there are some areas and properties that are quite high.

In recent years, Uptown is a very popular neighborhood. It has relatively high rates of crime and poverty compared to similar neighborhoods, but it’s quickly being gentrified. It has now become a place to be in Denver for both residents and businesses.

Development continues in Uptown with new residential and commercial properties going up yearly. Many of these are mixed use projects that offer space for businesses on the first or second floors and living spaces for residents above.

One of the big advantages of basing your business in Uptown is that it’s so central. Like downtown and Capitol Hill, it gets a great deal of foot traffic. The many restaurants, small shops and bars ensure that there are always people wandering around the area, which is a benefit for retail businesses. It also has a number of bus routes that cross through the area.

Your Alternative to Downtown

Businesses can think of Uptown as a hipper, slightly cheaper alternative to basing yourself in Denver’s downtown. Prices are higher than many other areas but the central location makes it a convenient place to do business. As the area grows and gentrifies, it’s likely that its rents and property values will increase, along with its residential community and foot traffic.

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