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Virtual Private Networks – 5 Times You Should Use a VPN

A virtual private network allows you to surf safe. It creates a private network no matter where you are for sending data. In this way, your online activities can remain private even when you’re in a public place. VPNs use special encryption so that the data you send can’t be seen by anyone else. Here are five times when it’s good to use a VPN.

1. Public Wi-Fi

You should never really use a public Wi-Fi network without a VPN. It’s incredibly easy for hackers to intercept the data you send over public Wi-Fi networks and there are ways they can obtain personal data from you simply by being on the network. You should definitely never access any sites that require login, such as your email or bank, on a public network without a VPN.

2. Accessing Your Work Network

Actually, VPNs weren’t developed specifically for safe internet use, but so that company employees could access their system when outside the office. A VPN allows you to access a local area network (LAN) remotely. However, this is also a huge security benefit for companies. When you access the company’s network outside of the office using a VPN, this sensitive data stays safe.

3. Making Connections

VPNs also come in handy in today’s global workplace. You can use a VPN to connect your office to coworkers in far-flung corners of the world. Same as above, it functions as a LAN that extends across the globe. There is no need for everyone to be physically present in the same place.

4. Safe for Work

You can use your own VPN at work to protect what you’re doing online from management and coworkers. There may be times at work when you need to access private data and you may not know what online activities are monitored. It’s best to use a VPN unless you’re okay with sharing all of it with strangers in your company.

5. Any Time You Don’t Want a Third Party Seeing What You’re Doing

Finally, you might just want to use a VPN all the time. You don’t actually own your internet connection. You rent it from your service provider. As the owner of the network you’re using, your service provider can log in at any time and monitor all communications. Hopefully, your service provider is trustworthy and ethical. But just in case, it’s never a bad idea to add that extra layer of protection.

Essentially, that’s what a virtual private network does for you – it adds an extra layer of protection. If you’re worried at all about your online activities being monitored, or if you’d like to ensure that you’re definitely not being spied on, a VPN is a good idea.

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