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What Is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a content management platform that ecommerce entrepreneurs can use to build websites and blogs. It also offers a hosting service. The idea behind Squarespace is to create an all-in-one platform that’s easy to use, kind of like Word Press.

Squarespace was started in 2004. It has grown slowly but steadily over the years, adding new features for different types of users. Today, big industry names like Mark Ecko have helped to make it better known, as well as praise it has received from the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, CNET, and others.

Squarespace for Small Businesses

The concept behind Squarespace is to offer a platform anyone can use, from a large company to a regular person who wants to start a blog. The focus is on creating something low-tech folks without website building skills can use. It’s especially helpful for creative professionals like designers who need to create a portfolio.

The service is also aimed at small business owners and entrepreneurs. Each year, new features are added. Recently, Squarespace has added a number of ecommerce features to allow business owners to create ecommerce sites easily. Added features include things like integration with payment processor Stripe, customizable product pages, inventory management features, and easy shopping cart integration.

The Pros of Squarespace

Squarespace is easy to use. Its ecommerce features have guided steps that walk you through the process of creating product pages, integrating your shopping cart, and other functions.

The process starts with choosing a theme and there are hundreds to choose from. Themes are all created in-house by Squarespace and they can be changed any time. Squarespace gets a great deal of praise for how slick and professional its themes look. They’re also customizable so with a little tech skill, you can tweak them.

Adding content to your Squarespace site is very intuitive. If you’ve never done anything online, the interface may be slightly tricky, but anyone with any experience with websites will find it easy.

Squarespace offers widgets that let you integrate with Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites you use.

The Downsides of Squarespace

Some reviews don’t like Squarespace because its sites are too simple. Navigation depends on the theme you choose, but most are quite simple. You can’t build a site with deep levels.

Another downside is that it costs more than most blogging platforms. If you plan to use it only for your blog, you can find cheaper products elsewhere. But if you’re taking advantage of its hosting, ecommerce, or other features, it’s comparable to going through a hosting service.

Squarespace isn’t the only all-in-one platform for launching multiple ecommerce sites, but it’s one that’s fairly easy to use and intuitive. The service offers a free trial that lets you check it out and decide whether it’s for you.

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